Why this Retreat?

Mark Cleary

2/15/243 min read

To begin, allow me to explain where I am at within myself and a little about how I arrived at this point in my life.

Having worked as a healer for more than half of my life, I can absolutely say without a doubt that the greatest issue involved in all the disease and physical imbalances that people experience in the World today is rooted in their emotional state of being. Every negative issue that develops within a person will have its root cause in the insecurities and anxieties that the individual experiences on a day-to-day level. Unless a person has had an accident that has caused physical trauma, then this is different, but even then, the emotional state of that individual will influence the recovery period and how they deal with the lasting effects of an accident that may leave them debilitated. My understanding today, having worked with myself and thousands of people over the past 34 years, is, if a person is struggling with issues, whether they are mental, physical, or some kind of illness, if they are not prepared to own their own involvement in the issue, then they cannot truly change and move forward in life. Without going deep into my own personal story, what I can say is that when I look back at who I was up to the age of 28 and who I am now at 62, I am so happy with the direction I took regarding my own personal development. My understanding of Healing today is so different compared to when I started out as a Physical Therapist.

I host these Retreats to help people understand that they are in control of their own destiny, to show them the power they hold within, and to give them an experience of what it is like to be empowered. I use tools that I have gathered from my travels around the world, working on my own personal development. A journey which has led me to study with some very enlightened people whom, although they are in different parts of the world, the message is always the same. 'To have a benevolent heart is the secret to finding happiness within'.

The real difference with my Retreats is that I will give you the opportunity to experience the joy and happiness that is within your heart, which can bring a sense of true empowerment into your life. Although we practice meditation, visualisation, breath-work, yoga, and in-depth conversation, it is the immersion and combination of these practices along with the philosophy of these ancient teachings that makes the difference. There are many Retreats available today, but a lot of them tend to focus on one or two practices and give the attendee a lot of time off. The difference with me is, I work with the group from morning to evening (there is time off in the afternoon) so that the effect is cumulative across the week. It can be like an emotional roller coaster for the individual, but because everyone is in it together, it always brings the best out in the group. This allows for incredible support and connection where no one feels alone and allows people to make new friends on a completely different level. It is also a place where there is no judgment or competitiveness, which allows the individual to open up and leave behind the negative baggage they have brought with them. I see the week as one big healing session and hold the space for people to let go of whatever they are ready to release at this moment in their lives.

My commitment to those who attend is that I will do my best to help you meet the special and precious person that you are truly meant to be in this world.