"The Water Lilly begins it's journey in the deep muddy waters before it grows to express it's beauty."

Meet Your Host

Mark Cleary

I joined a martial arts club in 1986, not realising I was taking my first steps on a path that would lead me to where I am today. At that time, I was one of many young and enthusiastic individuals seeking to learn self-defense, get fit, and cultivate discipline and confidence in a competitive environment. Little did I know that the true essence of these ancient teachings is to empower the student on an individual level.

After two years of studying Karate, I transitioned to a Japanese martial art with a deep traditional lineage spanning over 1200 years, passed down through appointed Grandmasters. It was during this phase that I began to grasp the profound life lessons inherent in these ancient practices of the East. In 1991, I embarked on studying a medicinal art form used by Warrior Monks to aid the injured during Japan's historical conflicts. These bodywork techniques, adapted over time for clinical settings, became an integral part of my journey as I worked toward becoming a Therapist and establishing a full-time practice in Dublin.

Throughout the 1990's, my pursuit of knowledge expanded to include disciplines such as Amatsu, Cranial Osteopathy, Massage, Meditation, and Energy Healing, in addition to martial arts. As my expertise grew, I established a thriving Healing Clinic in Dublin and began conducting workshops introducing participants to meditation and esoteric healing practices. This journey also led me to Copenhagen, where I contributed to building a successful healing school as part of a dedicated team.

In parallel, my exploration of personal development deepened, encompassing Psychotherapy and Shamanic practices, including profound experiences with hallucinogenic plant medicines. These endeavours enabled me to develop a deeper understanding of how emotions shape our lives and the issues we carry.

My journey naturally evolved into hosting week-long retreats, offering participants immersive healing experiences. I have also developed and taught a recognised healing course, drawing from my accumulated knowledge to empower others to tap into their innate healing abilities. Along the way, I delved into the study of Yoga, recognising its fundamental principles akin to martial arts, guiding individuals toward empowerment.

My journey has taken me across continents and under the guidance of esteemed mentors such as Soke Massaki Hatsumi in Japan, Bhagavan Shanmukha Natha in India, and Deepak Chopra and David Simon in California. I've also pursued extensive coursework and events in the field of Healing.

Today, I integrate this wealth of knowledge and experience into the Retreats I host, creating a nurturing space for healing on multiple levels for all who attend.