Retreats with Mark Cleary

Join us for an immersion into the joy that resides in your heart.

Join like-minded people in an immersion of the 'love and joy' that resides in the depths of your heart. Come and explore time-tested Eastern traditions that include deep meditation, visualisation, self awareness, healing, breath work and yoga. You will be guided deep into your heart, which will allow you to break free of the fear and negative emotions that hold you back in your pursuit of true happiness.

The hectic schedules of modern living contributes to Chronic Stress levels in people, leading to anxiety, exhaustion and all the major Illnesses that ravage the Western world today. Taking time out to unwind is an essential part of a persons recovery when dealing with the stresses of life. Developing techniques that you can incorporate into your life on a daily basis can help you put yourself first so you can deal with the ongoing pressures that life puts in your way.

This Retreat is for you if you are dealing with illness, anxieties, insecurities, heartache or any issues that may not be serving you well. Take time out for yourself and enjoy the Mediterranean coastal village of Salobreña. Nurture your heart with a deep reset as we work each day guiding you towards your joy and happiness. We will host classes each day including sunrise/sunset meditations, talks, group healing sessions and gentle yoga practices.

Self-Awareness, Healing & Meditation

Self awareness is fundamental to anyone who treads the path towards healing. Lectures which are steeped in the wisdom of Eastern Tradition are held each day.

Deep Healing group sessions are shared throughout the week to allow you to explore your innate healing abilities.

Guided Meditation, Visualisation and Breath Work take place each day with the emphasis to guide you deep into your heart.

"This has been one of the most relaxing profound weeks of my life, I say that with all sincerity. It's been a privilege to experience your knowledge in such a down to earth fashion. The way in which you work with the individual and at the same time affect the group as a whole has been wonderful."

- Richard

"To be honest it more than met my expectations, it was beyond anything I have done in the past. I got a lot of new directives and perceptions and am looking forward to implementing them into my life when I get back."

- Donnacha

"It's been absolutely fantastic, I feel completely transformed health wise, I feel lighter and nourished heading home. I'm so happy to have met new people who I know will stay friends for life."

- Lorraine

"I've had a wonderful time. It tops everything I've done and I have attended lots of meditations, groups and retreats in the past. This has been very pure coming from the right space to bring love into the group. I will be back."

- Adrien


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